Friday, 4 October 2013

Street Styling in Situation

Long t-shirts have found their space in the Johannesburg streets. The Tees are available in different variations and pattern accents and prints. Veer away if you do not want to look like another cool hipster kid on the streets. Wear yours when you going to watch a movie or better yet when you out of town. Never wear one when attending a day social setting vibe within the Johannesburg vicinity, especially during the day. You will definitely look like you got the uniform dress sense memo.

The visionary: GIVENCHY by Riccardo Tisci
Perpetrators: Kanye West, Chris Brown
South African early adopters: STYLA GANG, Cult Collective, Leslie Mampe

Remember Kanye West’s wardrobe choice for The Throne concert that spilt the style camps in to two. Some didn’t get it some loved it all. Fast forward to 2013 and look like this style vomited all over the retails space and style lanes.  


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