Thursday 5 September 2013

Spring Summer 2013 Must Have Albums #LustListATJ

Summer anthems by Sony Music South Africa; these are some of the albums I am looking forward to their release and jamming hard to this summer. Be it on the dance floor, nursing a broken heart from a summer fling, a soundtrack to one's lust driven endeavors or simply twerking for a BIRKIN. Be restassured there will be a song and an album for that specific moment in time.  

A few of these albums (JT, JLegend, Miley TwerkCyrus e.t.c) have been released and they will be re-released as deluxe editions later this year. Some of the artists I am a huge fan of (read – obsessed - with) more than the others. Having mentioned that, one cannot simply do a blanket comparison as every artist on this list offers a different flavour to the next. 

For up to date news on the release, track listings and cover shots for some of the albums follow @SonyMusicAfrica and like on Facebook Sony Music Entertainment - Africa

Is there any album in particular you looking forward to this summer?
These are in my Spring Summer 2013 #LustListATJ which means that I will be sharing with you an album or two in the hamper too! Click here to spill all the juice on how to stand a chance to own these albums as soon as they get released in South Africa!

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