Monday 30 September 2013

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Flavours Review x According To Jerri

Flavour: Café Au Lait
Pronounce: kah/fay/oh/leh
Meaning: It is French for coffee with milk (fancy huh?)
Mood: When you looking for a quick uncomplicated good ol’ cup of coffee and hot milk. This will be your to-go-to flavour.
My thoughts: Mild taste, quick, creamy, frothy and easy to make.

Flavour: Cappuccino
Pronounce: kahp/pooht/TCHEE/noh
Meaning: is coffee made with espresso, steamed milk, and topped with milk foam.
Mood: Something textured and tasty at any time of the day.
My Thoughts: One of my to-go-to drinks when I open the cupboard. It must be one of my favourite as it was one of the first boxes to finish.

Flavour: Cappuccino Ice
Pronounce: kahp/pooht/TCHEE/noh – Iys
What is it : A blend of cappuccino and ice
Mood: When you have your bestie (BFFs) over and want to discuss something juicy – be it; the new IT pair of heels or wheels, man drama or girl drama! Cappuccino Ice is the perfect order of the day. You will need the cool factor because the subject can potentially get too hot. You will need the cooling effect of the Cappuccino Ice.
My Thoughts: It is MAJOR and best enjoyed shared. This flavour gives you room to play around and experiment. Make it in a clear takeaway cup, add iced cubes  and top it with cream. Serve on a hot summer day and take a walk outside and … SIP!

Flavour: Expresso Intenso
Meaning: Strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans
Mood: Hectic night before the morning after? Beautiful home cooked dinner? Deadline swamped? Early morning flights? Early morning photoshoot? Look no further than an Expresso Intenso. It will ensure that you feel focused more intensively.
My Thoughts: It is an acquired taste and not for the faint hearted. Why not try it in a cook recipe? Remember coffee is just not black, be creative!

Flavour: Tea Latte
Pronounce: Lah-tay.
Meaning: It is extra strong tea with hot steamed milk added to it.
Mood: You have visitors and you feel like showing off, fix them a cup of Tea Latte. Introduce them to something new.
My thoughts: This flavour took me by surprise. It is a beautiful blend, rich, creamy with a pungent tea aroma. Tea latte offers the best of all worlds.

Pronounce: CHO/coh/TCHEE/noh
Mood: Best reserved for cold rainy days. Heart-to-heart conversations with a loved one. Lazy Sunday morning or afternoon. Also great to prepare for your whole family. If you have kids, nephews and nieces prepare this for them and you will be the BEST hip and stylish aunt ot uncle. Self-validation-brownie-points scored!
My thoughts: Think - hot chocolate but with a little more body, texture and taste.


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