Sunday, 11 August 2013

#ShitBloggersDrink x #AccordingToJerri | Olmeca Altos Tequila Situation

We were thirsty and attended the unveiling of the super-premium award winning Tequila, Olmeca Altos. The world’s No. 4 Tequila brand if you have a thing for numbers and rankings! Not that we remember how the old bottle looks like because once we go Tequila things about to get messy. WHY? Because, Tequila makes us happy. If not a little too happy at times. 

The new packaging for Olmeca Altos – which includes a new easy-pouring bottle design – captures the authenticity of Olmeca, by creating a crafted look through the use of tactile varnishes and uncoated stock, while gold embossing and a wooden cap have been introduced to ensure the new bottle conveys the quality and provenance of its super-premium offering. True to the Altos brand, the new identity marries tradition with modern, vibrant style perfectly. I managed to scoop myself a bottle after consulting with the Tequila connoisseur Mr. Steffin Oghene which one is better; gold or silver. He then spun me a PR answer (naturally) and I went with the gold – helloo I am a LEO, therefore gold or nothing at all for me. Thank you very much.

In an attempt to highlight the brands passion for tradition and craftsmanship, Altos chose to strategically align with Creative Pioneers Tarien Engelbrecht – An Artist is Never Poor, Kelvin and Jarlyne – Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry School, Olivia and Antonia Morgado – Makers of Stuff and Gareth Cowden – Babatunde, who showcased their work incorporating elements of Altos. All these four artists represented four colours: orange (culture), Red (Love), Blue (Flavour) and Green (Respect). There were elements of culture, fashion, Style, trends, art and lifestyle all bottled in to one beverage for us to sip from. 

In addition to the launch event, Steffin Oghene, Olmeca Altos Ambassador for the USA, hosted “Societies” where key individuals enjoyed a pre-launch tasting.

‘We’ at the top that would be me and Sarah Heaton. This kind of shit hit my instagram first so be on the know by clicking HERE

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