Tuesday 2 July 2013

Ben Sherman South Africa Brand Ambassador Search

Ben Sherman, the Original Brand that brought you 50 Years of British Style Culture, will host a Brand Ambassador Search at the Sandton City store on 13 July 2013. Ben Sherman is looking for an everyday but extraordinary guy who lives the ethos of The Modern Gentleman. The Modern Gentleman loves history and heritage in a brand, but he’s not living in the past. He wants newness, innovation and originality. He embraces technology and new developments in creativity. And he wants to look dapper at all times.

The search will be held at Ben Sherman’s Sandton City store and will begin at 12:00 noon. The prospective gentlemen will be judged by Ben Sherman Brand Manager and the current Brand Evangelists; Nicholas Christowitz, Khaya Dlanga, Riky Rick and me (Jerri Mokgofe). The new Modern Gentleman will become a Brand Evangelist for Ben Sherman, you will get to attend all Ben Sherman events VIP style and will be kitted out in the new Modern Gentleman line to the value of R15 000.

I guess we have a date Gentlemen, looking forward to it. Who knows maybe the next gentleman to join us will have a 20/20 vision not like three of the four already aboard – jokes.


  1. Its about time we the "mods" parade the brand to SA class! Arthur benjamin sugarman to ben sherman, will see you there full of drive and ambition!

  2. I am definately goin to be there.