Wednesday 17 April 2013

Major Fashion Trend Alert | Braces x Brace Face

The second edition SS 2013 of FUCKING YOUNG! Magazine is everything brace face. You know when FUCKING YOUNG! touches it must be shit hot. “The cover features Ton Heukels at Elite, shot & art directed by Luca Finotti, and styled by Paolo Zagoreo with a white shirt and bridge crystal piercing from Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci.” Also featuring my fave Sebestian Sauve in the mix!

Ugly Betty possibly single-handedly made them all the buzz they are today. So pay home gurl some homage. Game-Changer!

BeyoncĂ© wore hers for Holy-Than-Thou reasons you know Miss Thang and her ever erect-poised-stand on the soap box. The reason was something along the lines of; ‘Encouraging other young people - that they are beautiful, flaws, braces and all.’ (Which I actually like, although just because braces are trending doesn’t mean all the no-to-cool kids wearing them for reasons other than being fashionable can now join the cool club. You can not fool us, not with that TOTES AWAKS dental structure.) One cannot help but look at those DIAMOND eargasms. They seem to be more distractional than her brace face!

Katey Perry ‘This Friday Night’ music video we loved it all. It is EVERYTHING. Gwen Stefani got hers because she always wanted them and finally Miss Thang could afford a pair and she was like WHY NOT this has always been my childhood dream!

 “Lewis at Select models and Jasper Harvey at Elite models, photographed by Sylvain Homo and styled by Laura Walters for  the fourth issue of Hypebeast magazine”

Leanne Kistan-Dlamini is also trending them accessories; hers are probably from an orthodontist and purely prescribed for medical reasons although technically they still considered cosmetic reason. 

You can now buy fake braces or make your own. Just Google ‘How To Make Fake Braces’ and all sorts of tutorials will pop up. As with all things, they come with fatal risks. Many fashionistas have died because of these fake brace-face VIBE. Talk about DEATH BY: BRACES (that could make for a fabulous editorial title, has a stunning ring to it). I will most probably get myself a fake pair as well. ABT – ALWAYS BE TRENDING. Be trending but just do not become a death statistic please guuurl.

Remember this post I did earlier this year?


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