Thursday 7 March 2013

When Jena Dover Spread Her Legs For Gaschette Magazine & The World Stopped

JENA DOVER in a sexy BDSM inspired shoot for Gaschette Magazine

From their camp the story starts like this; “We approached Jena with the idea of shooting a sexy BDSM inspired fashion feature for the cover of our second issue and she immediately agreed. The theme for the issue is BANG, and it's all about sex and sexuality. “

Below is Colin's HBIC’s (Head Bitch In Charge) note:

So here’s a kooky idea: let’s follow up our debut with a sticky sex issue. BANG. At the time I think we were trying to be controversial, but really we were just being obnoxious about the whole thing. And as we quickly found out, the interwebs does not reward insolence with eye-bleach. We’re essentially a submissions based platform, you see – so, no sooner had we put out the brief for sexy shoots, our inboxes were flooded with some truly tweaky stuff. Some of it fantastic, some of it has since caused irreparable damage to my self-esteem. But no worries, the team’s done all the sifting, sorting and upchucking already. And now you can peruse our curated collection of the frooty editorials too. All new, all free and all exclusive. And what’s this? Why, it’s our first celebritah cover. Starring the quite gorgeous Jena Dover – as you’ve never seen her before. She’s one classy broad. Check her out in Dame. Also, if you’re a professional googler, you might be familiar with Rowen Bailey – featured here, in Emperium. We’re always on the lookout for a fresh point of view, so if that is what you have, send us your stories already.

The have spoken now it is my turn to wrap it up and close this tale…

I say Sharon Stone your exit music is busy blasting guurl and try not to get knocked out on to the perisian rug on your way out. Helloooo Red Ridding Jena Dover and your sheer basic instincts! 

Miss Thang is EVERYTHING on this spread, she is LIFE,  she is THE TRUTH!

Model: JenaDover
Photography by Steve Marais at Supernova.
Art direction by Colin O’mara Davis,
Makeup by Lesley Whitby using MAC and Dermalogica,
Hair by Candice Wyatt-Minter using Davines
Location provided by Daniel van Flymen


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