Friday 8 March 2013

Stefania Morland x Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg AW 2014 Collection | Backstage Pass

With time and minimal interaction I have gotten to appreciate this designer. In totality this was my favourite delivery from all the shows last might. I feel most of the models did not do this collection justice, a little too young and lacking for Stefania Morland -  the brand.

The earthy matte sequined dress (last picture) was EVERYTHING, stood out for me and unforgettable! I would love to have it as an over-sized tee, think Jeremy Scott for ADIDAS Originals.  Stefania I know you reading this, so DO THE RIGHT THANG guuurl! I promise I will act surprised. There was also this patch-work vibe / pastel hues colour blocked dress with slits, styled with chunky bangles - that one of my favourites as well. You just going to have to take my word for this one as I do not have a picture to back it up.

These images are not of the complete collection, the pieces from second half of the collection was even much stronger than what you saw above. It is a pity I couldn’t capture them.


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