Wednesday 27 March 2013

Sarah Heaton | Fashion & Style IT Chirl x According To Jerri

I saw this one in 2011 at Fashion Week and pounced upon her, I was like; “OHMYFUCKINGGAWD, are you like Solange Knowles little sister? You are super gorgeous; please give me your number I am totes doing a shoot with you soon and from now on we need to hang!” 

Saw her that night and never saw Miss Thang ever again for about a few months. Well that has now become thing of the past. Within a short space of time we have become each other’s favourites. We hang - although not as much as we should be, but we do nonetheless. We inseparable besties in theory – deluded, mystical self crafted ideal situation can be more fun than the real deal.  I love Sarah, she excites me (not that kind of excitement – my gawd, chill, honestly. I mean I didn’t even breast feed!). She is eager, has a fresh take on things, listens and had valuable opinion where required. 

An absolute beauty yet she carries herself like an average next-door Mary Jane... LIES! She is fierce and takes cognisense of her RIDIC fashion sense, style, trends consciousness and beauty. Helloooo... let’s not kid ourselves here; it is not that kind of blog. Who wouldn’t be fully aware of what they working with if they looked this MAJOR? If that is the case allow me to diagnose you with a serve case of self pity and tarnished self confidence.

She is MY find, my South African Fashion, Style IT Chill and that is According To Jerri’s better-quality standards. In with the new... let Miss Thang SPILL THE JUICE...

1. How would you describe yourself in one word?

2. What is it that you do and why?
I am a merchandiser for Gold Rand Harley Davidson, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, a personal shopper and Stylist. I love clothes and putting items together, it’s my hobby and I am fortunate enough to exercise my hobby every day. 

3. You are a biggest inspiration to someone reading this; may you please share with them a few words of wisdom they will forever cherish, and ignite their will power to keep on keeping on:
Never be afraid of expressing yourself no matter how crazy you may look. A true reflection of yourself will attract true people in your life and make you unique and interesting. The more you don't have to focus on your surroundings is the more u can spend all of that energy focusing on things that make you a better person and help you progress.

4. Has there been a defining moment in your life that made you decide to take the direction in life that they did?
The day my niece was born I knew that from that moment I will always have this little human looking up at me and walking in my footsteps.

5. Your STRICTLY two favourite South African bloggers?
1. It has to the beautiful Brett Robson. I feel so refreshed every time I visit her blog. Never mind the fact that she's just so cute, I love the fact that she travels and brings us with her as an audience it’s just so exciting. 

2. My second has to be my very good friend Jerri Mokgofe, I love how Jerri is so involved in this industry! Jerri has to be one of the most fashion forward person I know, always ahead of the game. Every visit on your page feels like a fashion tutorial on all of the latest and upcoming trends. You Rock! 

6. Give me names of the three unsung heroes of South Africa’s fashion, style and trends playground – fresh faces, underdogs and preferably people I don’t know.
1. Okmalume (@okmalumkoolkat)
2. Sein (@callhersein)

7. Which country or city in the world do you think would allow you to be truly YOU?
It would have to be Los Angeles, the city of Angels 

8. What do you spend most of your money on?
Clothes and data bundles 

9. What keeps you visiting a website or a blog of choice?
Personality, as long as I see a consistency in your blogging style that reflects your true personality I enjoy that because I always learn something new in that. I love visiting blogs that educate me and show me things I don't have posted on my blog. 

10. Do you buy clothing items based on the fact that you saw a designer wearing a loaned designer outfit? Does it matter, does it make a difference?
Honestly it doesn't really matter I buy clothing items based on whether or not I have a vision of a verity items in my closet that I could pair them with and look fierce. I try to think out of the box and use my own creativity.

11. The most unglamorous thing about fashion is?
The hustle of being recognized in the industry; the now and then discomfort of looking good.  

12. f you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say?

13. List three misconceptions that people often have about you
1. People always think I'm coloured when I'm actually mixed race 
2. People often look at me and think I'm a model because of my height
3. People often assume I'm not South African, truth is I am, but I always tend to play along.

14. What are your views on people who do not like to pay for others knowledge and skills on an area of their speciality?
I just wish people could stop underestimating other people's skills and knowledge, everyone has a livelihood to maintain and I believe if I am able to offer you a service or product that you are not able to provide for yourself then I have every right to be rewarded for that.

15. Do you buy clothing items based on the fact that you saw a celebrity wearing a loaned designer outfit? Does it matter, does it make a difference?
Well unless its Rihanna or Salonge it doesn't make a difference, most celebrities I see as trend followers than trend setters. But as for those two, I'm such a huge fan I would be caught hostage in their closest ANYDAY! 

Instagram: @SarahLanga
Twitter: SarahLanga



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