Thursday 10 January 2013

Jerri Mokgofe vz SIBLING | A Tale Of A Fashion Freaky Coincidence

Last year around this time my friends at For-Fashio-Freaks Blog Melody Motha and Yolandy Masinga asked me to do a feature on my style for a week seven looks sorta vibe and I was like, OK cool. 

There I am yesterday busy trolling through the internet for some complete collection imagery from London Menswear Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013 collections (as one does around this time of the year). OK, chilled, cool, let’s do this. 

I go through SIBLING’s collection and from the opening piece with a sweater that boldly state “PLEASE KILL ME” on the jumper I am sold; but wait a minute. By this time my fashion appetite is at its topmost and I am getting all jibie-jibbie and restless. I go through the collection and I SCREAM, this simply cannot be. Not possible!

There is a look with similar inspiration exactly like I did for my post with Mel and Yols. I nearly died. And to think that I cut out that’s specific lok and didn’t submit it to Mel and Yols to post on their blog last year cause I thought it was a bit “too out there”. Now just yesterday I see a model ramping it all out at London Fashion Week FW 2013 I just had to think to myself; Jerri you are a FUCKEN GENIUS YOU WHORE and you have a fashion, style and trends vision. Way too ahead of yourself at times (O’ that was a conversation from me to me, you weren’t supposed to read that). 

So jah, I just thought I share with you my fashion freaky coincidence from yesterday. From my bedroom to SIBLING’s collection, maybe it is true what they say; great minds do think alike, greater ones make magic.

If you on my BBM you would have seen the image as my DP from the past. Talk about the killer look that ended up on the post productions office.

Now someone out there hire me as your Head of Trend Spotting; this shit way overdue! I will make sure you are way ahead of the game therefore add value all-around most importantly I will make that bottom line of your books very glittery. It is a win-win if you ask me.

Just in case you are wondering what I am wearing:
Chunky Knit Snood: I got it custom made in 2011
Wool Meggings: They thrifted somewhere
Combat Boots: Converse Woolrich Wool Collection

I am fully Yarn(ed) out!

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