Tuesday 11 December 2012

Michael Roberts In South Africa, Johannesburg | Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa 2012

“Michael Roberts (born 1948) is a British fashion journalist. He is currently the fashion and style director of Vanity Fair magazine. Previously, he has worked as fashion director for The New Yorker, fashion editor of The Sunday Times, style director and art director of Tatler, design director of British Vogue, and Paris editor of Vanity Fair. He has also worked as a fashion photographer and illustrator, contributing images to publications including Vanity Fair; L'Uomo Vogue; British, Italian, French, American, Chinese, Brazilian, and Japanese Vogue; The Sunday Times; and The Independent on Sunday. Additionally, he has published four books of his illustrations.” – Wikipedia
Let’s get real, I look at Michael in these images above and he looks atrocious. I kept looking at the images a number of times to find something ‘nice’ or ‘cute’ I could potentially capitalise on but there is just absolutely NOTHING. I keep thinking look again, clean your Burberry specs your sight is failing you gurl try again but still FOKOL.
I mean that Safari-esque ensemble or is he channelling military vibes. Really? As if that wasn’t enough of a shock Miss Roberts gone done, sealed the deal with a tie. Which is also at an incorrect length by the standards of universal “How to Wear a Tie” manual. Everything is just nasty and totes off-beat. I keep finding all these faults but I keep thinking this is Thee Michael Roberts, Thee Michael Roberts back check his credentials bitch, he is major and I keep thinking fuck-that-shit he looks H&M (Hot & MESSY)
Then I say SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP look at yourself next to him one could say the exact same thing about you and you look no better than Miss Thang. Ya’ll be looking a mess and embracing it and aint no one gonna tell you SHIT. It is Fashion Week after all and everything goes all though that’s me all day all year around.
Motion of the Ocean, you may ask? Run you own fucken race and do your own thang and better do it best!  

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