Thursday 15 November 2012

Lust List | L`Occitane Verdon Collection

I felt like writing and sharing something personal as opposed to subjecting you to a heavy load of images of beautiful people looking amazing. I know it can get a lil DEPRO!

So, here is a page worth of words in ‘Jerri-Talk’

My all time favourite scents for winter used to GUCCI Pour Homme for winter and CHIC by Carolina Herrera for summer. Unfortunately they have long been discontinued WHY, I have no cooking clue! I then went for Guilty by GUCCI & GUCCI II for winter and Irresistible by GIVENCHY for summer. Then again; Irresistible got discontinued yet again and I was like fuck this shit! 

Lately, I am mildly lusting over a fusion of Angel & A*Men by Thierry Mugler and I am busy toying with the idea of splurging on a 100ml as a lil treat for summer. 

As you can see my note choices are very much schizo, veers from the one extreme to the other. In winter I love heavy, oaky, masculine, potent, balmy, smoky, pungent and warm spicy in summer I am drawn to extremely sweet scents (more sweet than fresh, and it can be nauseating especially when someone else is wearing that note). I prefer a cologne and Eau De Parfum (yes I know that’s for women, nobody asked you!) as opposed to an Eau De Toilette. 

But looks like I have found a perfect scent for this summer and it’s an Eau De Toilette – O’ Boy! It is clean, fresh and I smells like I just got dipped in the valley of innocence when wearing it. It is something French and alluring. 

It is called; L`Occitane Verdon Eau De Toilette, it is named Verdon after national park Verdon and the second largest canyon in the world. Eau de toilette Verdon is the first aquatic fragrance for men by L`Occitane. It was created of fresh, aquatic aromas associated with running waters near Verdon cliffs, along with aromatic mint and lemon. Main accords: fresh spicy, green, citrus, watery, woody, marine. Now doesn’t that sound just fabulous!

For maximum impact use the Eau De Toilette in conjunction with L`Occitane Verdon shower gel so the scent infiltrate your pores and slowly gets emitted all throughout the day. Also allowing you to spray less Eau De Toilette

Look Ferocious, Smell Edible, To Feel Faboosh; and remember when in doubt wear more fragrance. You simply cannot be looking FEROCIOUS and wearing a cheap scent that has the poer to scrape and cut one’s nasal passage. Cheap fragrances LINGER and people will give you THE LOOK best you avoid
You can get your L`Occitane Verdon nationwide (JHB, CPT, DNB, PTA).

Happy Shopping Lovers!

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