Thursday 18 October 2012

Die Antwoord 'Fatty Boom Boom' | Herman Botha aka Ally Ooop x Lady Gaga

So I  was looking at the new Die Antwoord music video for their single “Fatty Boom Boom’ and I was like STOP THE LORRY, I know Miss Thang over there acting all cute being the stellar of the video. I remember very visibly photographing him at Mercedes Benz Joburg Fashion Week AW 2012 earlier this year and then again at the ToyBoy Designs collection launch in partnership with Voila Magazine (RIP – Return If Possible). I mean how does one forget a DIVA like that? I quickly rushed in my imagery archive and Voila there she was the Gerty herself!

You must have seen the video and what goes down in it; this is not a platform for me to dwell in to the details of it.

His name is Herman Botha aka Ally Ooop! Co-owns a very kitch and cool store in Greenside called Kei Ai and he is FEROSH that’s all I know.

Let’s just hope that Gaga is big enough to hug it all out with you when she is in town in a few weeks, after all you are just a guurl tryna make a living, earn some benjamins and get what’s yours. Gurl start brushing those extensions because the world at large INCLUDING Lady Gaga knows who you are or at least aware of whom you are (they musn't even tryna front).

FLY IT HIGH home gurl and do it for the African Drag Sistahs! BUST


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