Thursday 13 September 2012

MUTTA Shoes @ STR.CRD 2012

I DIE for this pair!!!

STR.CRD 2012 is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with a MUTTA Shoes; an independent project of crafted footwear founded in 2010, created by the designer Matheus Simões Pires. A 22 year old product design student and a footwear design technician from Costa of Porto Alegre, Brazil. 

After meeting Matheus on our European tour, we found it obvious that we needed to invite him to STR.CRD 2012. As part of the BRICS group, our countries share so many areas of co-operation that it only makes sense to create a cultural collaboration as well. As a 'New Entrepreneur' his story serves as an inspiration to African youth at large about how we can create sustainable small businesses using our passions as a launch pad. this is what Hardy McQueen – STR.CRD founder had to say about the partnership between MUTTA shoes and STR.CRD 2012

The footwear collection will also be exhibited at the respective brand’s pop up shop on the 28th and 29th September 2012 for purchase and order placements. Matheus Simões Pires is also one of the scheduled STR.CRD 2012 international partners who will be facilitating an open forum designer engagement with STR.SESSIONS attendees on Saturday, 29th September 2012, at OPEN from 3-5pm.

I started making shoes two years ago because I could not find shoes with the design, quality and exclusivity I wanted. I fell in love with footwear designing and the production process. I later found out that people liked what I was designing and started producing and selling my designs. The rest is hard work and history.” stated Matheus.

The idea of creating MUTTA Shoes grew out of the difficulty of finding custom models with superior quality. MUTTA Shoes are created in a series of workshops by experienced artisans. Mutta's creations are focused on quality, originality and uniqueness.   “Something classic and crafted with an experimental feel” as Matheus describes.

Mutta's clients belong to a group of creative minds seeking the same goals and ideals as the brand. It promotes a change on the way the consumer relates to its footwear brand. The creation is made intertwined with the customer, generating an innovative result. “It was a natural process. Once I was the one making the shoes, I was able to give people the opportunity of changing the design and that made them want them even more, not only because of the product but because of this involvement on its development”

The shoes are made at a series of craftsman studios and small factories in small quantities; each shoe is made separately from the others, so it is not a big line of production where products are rushed through the hands of workers. This intimate process of production creates an emotional connection with the worker, who puts time, care and knowledge on the piece, improving final quality and soul to the product. The shoes are produced with the use of superior quality materials and limited quantities; there is involvement of community workers and have a distinctive packaging and overall presentation. 

All MUTTA Shoes are made on demand and production takes up to 30 days. All available styles can be viewed and purchased on their web store here:

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