Wednesday 8 August 2012

Superga Launches First Ever Editions Collections

November 2012, Superga will launch a new concept line of sneakers inspired by local music talent, called Superga Editions. The Superga Editions collection is inspired and designed by five of South Africa’s most talented musicians and music groups, selected across all music genres.

The chosen musicians are Freshly Ground, DJ Euphonik, Locnville, Danny K and Flash Republic.
Superga has given birth to the Editions collection by giving the 5 artists their blessing to explore and create a shoe that best represents their personality and of course love for the Superga brand. The collection has given the artists a platform to express their creative energy and in turn will give their fans a small insight into their personality and style aesthetic.  

The brightly coloured red, white and yellow Superga classics sneaker designed by highly acclaimed Afro-pop group, Freshly Ground, epitomize vibrancy and fun. The much loved and respected classic style sneaker has been given an exhilarating twist whilst maintaining the comfort and simplicity of the ‘people’s shoe’. The words LOVE & PEACE were carefully selected to grace the heel of the shoe as a message for their fans.  

One of South Africa’s most successful dance/house DJ’s, DJ Euphonik, has chosen to give the sleek design of the popular swallowtail, a touch of swagger, by keeping it minimal in regal black and gold with patent leather detailing. DJ Euphonic’s sneaker represents his clubbing fans perfectly and it is sure to be a talking piece at any happening gathering.

Locnville has designed a pair of simply cool high tops that give the Superga Editions collection a younger appeal. The electro pop music duo’s creative expression has resulted in a pair of ultra fashionable sneakers in black, white and electric blue – ideal for their energetic fan base. 

South Africa’s top singer/songwriter Danny K has designed a shoe that represents his smooth, sophisticated and stylish persona. The grey and purple slim line sneakers add a smarter allure to the Editions collection and would give any Danny K fan his famous effortless style approach.

Flash Republic’s footwear design is a pair of all black sneakers with yellow laces and a lightning bolt detail. Exactly what you would expect from the electro- tinged dance and soul drenched house music group. Flash Republics shoe is classic and uncomplicated with a touch of Flash Republic-flair.

The Superga Editions collection will be sold in select Edgars stores nationwide as well as the Superga concept stores in Johannesburg (Rosebank & Sandton City) & Cape Town (Canal Walk). For more information on retailers please call (011) 608 0023 or visit

From The Desk of: Janna Koppel

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