Tuesday 28 August 2012

Cycology Launches A2B Electric Bicycle In South Africa.

This Spring, the best way to get out into the African sunshine and feel the wind through your hair is on two wheels. But not just any two wheels. The September launch of the A2B Metro electric bicycle means that South Africans now have the option of freewheeling downhill - and uphill - in style.

Combining innovative design and visionary technology, the A2B Metro is currently imported from Helmsburg, Germany by Cycology, both a local importer of bespoke bicycles and accessories, and a movement that inspires a life on two wheels.

“The A2B Metro electric bicycle changes the way we move from A to B in our cities,” explains Vincent Truter, Lead Cycologist and developer of the brand. “It’s the ultimate blend of leading edge technology and supreme design. It’s the new revolutionary way to get to work, pop to the shops or just get some fresh air.”

Indeed, for South Africans - who are faced with increasingly heavy traffic and rising petrol prices - the need to travel more economically (and freely) has perhaps never been greater. There is also a growing awareness of our carbon footprint, encouraging people to find different ways of traveling.

“Compared to jumping in the car, it’s a lot more fun, faster through peak traffic, easier to park and will reduce your fuel costs as well as your impact on the environment, without having to break a sweat,” says Vincent.

The A2B Metro electric bicycle comes in a variety of different models, all of which have varying degrees of power. Priced at R35 000, it travels at a maximum speed of 28km/h and up to 64 km’s on a single charge with the optional secondary battery. The A2B Metro uses a lithium ion battery, which takes on average 3 to 4 hours to recharge by plugging it into a standard wall plug.

Each A2B Metro is also equipped with a durable luggage carrier for those quick shopping trips or neighbourly visits, with other useful accessories available on request. Additional features include 7-speed gearing, front and rear suspension to absorb bumps and integrated front and rear lights for improved night time visibility. 

For safety and ease of use, the A2B Metro has a 'power on demand' function, which means that the motor engages only when the rider twists the throttle. There are also power cut-off switches embedded in the brake levers, so when the rider applies the brakes, power to the motor will turn off.

To give the A2B Metro a test run, Cycology offers a convenient Concierge Service to a select few, providing aspiring Cycologists with a unique opportunity to enjoy this amazing electric bicycle in their own time and space. 

“We invite you to get to know the A2B, get in touch with the great outdoors, and begin to understand the freedom of a life on two wheels,” adds Vincent.

For South Africans who enjoy the freedom of movement, who want to experience their environment in a fun and engaging way and who enjoy time spent outdoors, the A2B Metro electric bicycle will undoubtedly be a welcome addition.

About Cycology

Based in Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa, Cycology is a brand committed to the philosophy of a life on two wheels. It is the local importer of finely tuned bicycles like the A2B Metro electric bicycle, as well as other accessories. The company sources and selects bespoke products that assist people in living a bicycling lifestyle. Cycology believes in the idea of creating a real social network - one that is built around real-life interactions and a real-time way of connecting people, places and passions.

For more information visit cycology.biz or follow us on twitter @cycology_za

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P.S This is a stunning, styling and sassy lil number. A few days ridding one of these magical A2B Metro Electrical Bicycles and my legs, gluts and all will be looking POP! I like the fact that no sweat patches will be on sight after a lil ride about town, well atleast that’s what I have been told. I am, still yet to see for myself.

The fact that Leonardo Dicaprio has been casually sporting one just about town puts a cool-factor-stamp of approval on the product. Well…. Might be biased due to the fact that GQ South Africa featured me in their July/August 2012 issue which Leonardo happened to be covering. That mighy have kinda influenced my prior bold statement. Because me and Leo we like cool like that, you know, next thing we will be going out for some coffee in our A2Bs and catching up about global warming and stuff!

Let’s not forget that Blake Lively owns one too, now that’s totally MAJOR! Scratch all of that talk about Leo – not really - but Blake will have absolute first dibs of my hanging out time! Maybe I am lying; we can all hang out together!

Here I am all excited about this product, I say let’s make a little challenge, we will call it:
Life on Two Wheels: According To Jerri (love the sound of that isn’t it just fabulous!). Here is the idea:  So I will zip and zap around the city in the A2B Metro Electrical Bicycle and share my experience with you on a daily basis for however how long – still do decide on that.

BUT I will try not to alter my lifestyle – well not dramatically – at least.  Let’s see if I can still dress fashionably and stylishly the same on a daily basis whilst living my Life On Two Wheels?

I am still going to think about all the logistics and I will come back with a proper plan on how this is going to roll out! Maybe after this lil experiment I will feel brave enough to sign up for the Cape Argus?


  1. Is there a weight limit for the rider?

  2. Nope, no weight limits on these bikes! Plus a new range is launching later this year!

  3. Leonardo is riding a +Stromer in the pics, not an A2B Metro (not available in SA). Nice bike none the less.

  4. if i want to sell a A2B Cycolology bike, where can i sell it at?