Friday 18 May 2012

Stiaan Louw Goes Nude

Something Dutch, someone ripped, an alpha man, something classic and timeless, a whole lot of balls and excess skin. 

Edgy-artsy and salacious equals’ homotography! Ground-breaking? For a South African campaign absolutely YES! I have not seen a South African designer taking the risks and going nude for a campaign, but this morning. If there is any you know of locally, feel free to educate me and leave a link for me in the comment section below. 

This is quite exciting and I can only hope the rest of the campaign doesn’t drop the ball because our rigid excitement will go flaccid like a lead balloon – see what I did there?

After a teaser like this you just have to Boh-Ring-It and slay! Let it be a Home Run it will only makes sense since the campaign it all about Atletiek. We all know number one is the only position that matters, the record has already been prematurely broken with this teaser, we just need in on the rest to complete and concur the race. Love how he conceptualized the campaign theme to coincide with macro environment market factors that is, the Olympics taking place in 2012. Is he showing in London at the Men’s’ Wear Fashion Week Collections in June?

I believe he understands his target market; he knows, understands and intends to satisfy the Stiaan Louw man, with aesthetically appeasing visions and rags. The kind of man he design for, who buys his merchandise and who aspires to be able to purchase or afford a Stiaan Louw piece in the future if not now. This campaign encapsules all of that and more. 

Official Campaign Teaser | Stiaan Louw Atletiek | The Team Behind The Magic:

Photographer            Neil Roberts
Model Thane             Guy Williams at Mens Division
Art Director               Michael Beaumont Cooper
Grooming                   Henry Maritz at One League Creative Management
Design                         Charl Edwards

O’ wait the team was all men. Boys, Gone, Done, Out Did Themselves!

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