Wednesday 9 May 2012

Hunter Boots Go Hard Core Metal

Hunter has created a new Festival boot for 2012 and given it some attitude.

Based on the Original, the Festival Stud Tall features three wide rubber straps around the leg, each carrying four rows of metal-look studs and held in place with a branded buckle. The purple lining finishes the rock-inspired look.

To be quite honest the guys at Hunter Boots are simply showing off here, these are Supper HOT the HOTTEST I have seen so far HAUTER well maybe I am exaggerating a little bit but these have been added to my LUST LIST right away! I am still cray over the originals and their Regent and Jimmy Choo collection too.

I wonder if we will be getting these in South Africa anytime soon, I must get in touch with Janna you know Janna? The only Janna in Johannesburg Miss Koppel if you will.
I am SOLD!


  1. HOLY SMOKES I WANT!!! I've been putting off buying Hunter's cos everyone seems to have the same pair but THIS!! I don't even mind buying these babies online! TOO HAUTE!

  2. I want in too! There goes my groceries budget, Ice cubes and water for this Month!