Wednesday 16 May 2012

Chirl, I Taught The One You Love Thang You Like

This a little off beat to my regular vibe yet way too FEROSH to let it go unpublished! I guess we tend to use catch phrases like; Werk, Work, Werq, Fierce, Faboosh, Baboosh, Boh-Ring-It, It’s Been Boh-Rought, It’s been Boroughten, Slay and more unnecessarily!

This image illustrate all those phrases rolled up in to one, lawd knows what that word would be!  You try top that (LOLgasm maybe not top due to the connotation the word carries). To put out all those fires before they even start lets dig deep in to our vocabulary and rather say ‘surpass’ more appropriate word? Heck imagine tryna speak all posh looking that FEROSH! 

OK I will stop I am going on about nothing, motion of the ocean? I like the creative work behind the above image.

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