Friday 4 May 2012

Camel Coat Came a Lot

This trend made a strong presence in 2010 Fashion Weeks’ collections the best memorable designer being Chloe, the rest are forgettable. This year we saw a fusion and presence of the camel. Beige, tan colours during Philip Liam, Burberry and other presentations. 

Historically, the camel coat was known as such because of its camel hair fabric, which was, in fact, made mostly of hair from camels. Well interest rates happened, golden oldies glam took a back seat, aspirational market segments were recognised and had to be catered for; therefore here we are today with all different offerings of this iconic number.  

We have it mostly in camel coloured materials, in poncho, peacoat, cape and other various styles and cuts adaptations. 

Before buying yourself a coat look at the label and see what fabrics it is made of. The best fabrics would be; 100% virgin wool, cashmere and camel hair. Well it goes without saying that what I have just listed will be leaning more to the premium side of the spectrum. Although most of the time you will find that the coat’s fabric is a combination of the afore mentioned fabrics. Ensure that the percentage split tis 50 % or more wool than anything else. 

Camel is a great complementary colours and works with most skin tones as well. It is best paired with darker shades of green colour palette (think olive green, military green), hues of browns (beige, tan, light brown) for a monochromatic styling.  The best is going monochromatic and pairing it with a denim blue shirt think Chloe 2010 collection. 

Also my personal favourites are; draping it over the shoulders as a finishing accessory and wearing the coat buttoned up and cinching it with a beige leather skinny belt to give it shape and character. 

Some of the basics when buying yourself a coat are; try it on whilst wearing a blazer, jacket or sweater so you can be able to gauge the fit allowance for when you would like to pair it with when going for the layered look.  Sit down whilst wearing it, lift hands, bend and pick up something off the floor to test day to day wearer comfortability. Also pay attention to the length of the coat in comparison to your own body height. 

Don’t forget to wear your confidence with the coat or you will end up being swallowed by it’s over powering demeanour.  You have to OWN IT!

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