Monday 16 April 2012

Ana Locking | Madrid Fashion Week FallWinter 2012

Ana Locking collection has to be one of my BEST appreciated collections this past Fashion Weeks’ months. It is complete, condense, everything is there, neatly presented, tastefully packaged and delivered!

The styling, colour palates, model selection everything just sunnily screams all kinds of YESES! I could totally ditch my show-boy numbers for these preppy tailored ensembles. 

Those hues of Oranges, Blues and Yellows! Are you fucking kidding me?

Fucking Amazing, Fucking Amazing, Fucking Amazing, Sheer Amazing I salute! 

Fuck me on back of a moving tractor let me be your farm boy! I am in a such a May-Jor H&M state over Ana Locking's H&D collection!

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