Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fashionably Smoking Hot

Have you noticed how creatively and on a colossal scale cigarettes are being advertised and glamorized yet again? It’s not even subliminal anymore; it’s just there on your face Bang-Pow-Paw-Paw-Pow!

For instance the styling for DSquared Milan Fashion Week F/W ‘12, a fag is the hottest accessory! “The Only Kate In Britain” werking it for Marc Jacobs. Have you seen the music videos lately (*cough* Rihanna, Gaga)? Have you seen street style photographs with their subjects looking O’ super FEROSH (Nick Wooster, Bryan Boy) holding a ciggie here and there?

I am absolutely not against fags (each to their own), it’s just my socio-observation fused with mind wonders of what the anti-cigarettes camps feel about all of this. Then again the life span of these anti-this-and-that organizations is quite open for discussion. Exhibit A: P.E.T.A; fur crept its way on the street yet again and it has been reigning supreme since the last two seasons. I haven’t seen any angry fury animal lovers lined up outside Fashion Weeks, with litres of paint in tow ready to destroy Anna & Anna’s priced fur possessions. If you didn’t follow on the Annas there, I was referring to the only Mama Annas in fashion, Miss Wintour and Dello Russo.

 I just feel there is an evolution on the way, more like a case of history repeating itself. We are back to the allure of Malboro Man and female glam of 1920’s fashion and cigarettes!

I wonder how the advertising regulation boards feel when they get exposed to such images and videos.

Nothing major, Over-It. 

Are you influenced, pressured and feeling the urge to pick up the habit, O' wait is it a lifestyle?

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