Tuesday 13 March 2012

Fashion Trend Alert | Waist Cincher

Cinched It Up, the tighter the better, if you do not feel like your bladder is about to explode in to tiny little messy pieces within your body you ain’t doing it right! Tighten it up!

Nothing ground breaking here about this trend; Ole Ledimo had lots and lots of this flavour featuring on his last season’s collection. We all know there aint no one who can get that waist cinched like Maque DeGorgeous. Of course the Queen of cinched waist is none other than Miss Banks the only Tyra in the world. Cinch belts are a staple in her every look which honestly has become a borderline nauseating monotonous vision.

Seeing that Maque DeGorgeous is a Queen in every country and continent he automatically dethrones Miss Thang Tyra-Loves-The-Gays-&-The-Gays-Love-Tyra by a colossal degree.


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