Thursday 29 March 2012

Exclusive | (To Be Identified) For Dax Martin MBFWJ 2012


OK STOP.  My ears bleed!!!  I can hear you from here screeming  "SHUT UP, GURL GET IT WERKING AND DELIVER THE BRAND NAME OF THAT CHOCOLATE. I HAVE FEDEX ON THE LINE FOR PICK UP AND DROP OFF PURPOSES!" Stop the flow and do not double cream those pants. I am working on getting the brand name of that piece of imported chocolate so you can stalk it and stock it up!

Well we had a full conversation, told me his name and life time story buts that’s all a blur. Well how you gonna expect me to keep it tight and lock it to-ge-tha when I am having a conversation with THAT whilst naked? How you gonna ask me that?

He is originally from Brazilia and stays in CPT, that’s enough for now! Thats All... For now (TO BE CONTINUED...)

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