Thursday 19 January 2012

Burberry | Milan Fashion Week FW 2012

Burberry can never do wrong in my thread tasteful eyes. Everything is always lustful, inviting and do-able!

I could ditch my lifetime wardrobe collection in replacement for everything Burberry. Without a doubt, the hat doesn’t even have to drop!

Numbers that stole the show for me in this collection: Grandpa Cardigans, ultra cropped puffed jackets, Grandpa Lamber Jackets, The owl and fox print embellished garments and Geometric-patterned knitwear.

Well ofcourse and the Bags Collection but lets not even get in to that one or I will give birth to a baby elephant right NOW, where it will pop out from I have NO idea! Hence I mentioned we should not even attempt to tackle that one!

Christopher Bailey a GENIUS indeed!

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