Tuesday 27 September 2011

Perfection Cambridge Satchel-fied

Does it get any better than Cambridge Satchel? Really? Like For Realz? Does it? I have the most nastiest case of Bag Obsession and it’s been diagnosed; it’s called Cambridge Satchels.

These tour de force are one of those fine things in life you look at them and instantaneously get swayed that should I be in possession of them; they will positively enhance my life for good and veer it in a superior direction it might never have been explored. On that note thou shall do something about it without more ado.

Looks like Christmas will be coming early for me. Thou shall NOT resist thyself the most gorgeous animals that come in a selection of vibrant gleaming colours, AMEN!

Say it with me and make Rachel Zoe engorge with pride; I-DIE... RIGHT NOW!!!

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