Monday 8 August 2011

Marie Claire Stunt Double

I was soaking up the rays at the beach this past weekend, practicing my pranayama and most importantly  embarking on the  magazine divulging ritual. My friend was fooling around snapping away, later when I looked at the pictures I was like HEY HOLD THE PHONE what’s going on, on this copy of Marie Claire South Africa August issue?

The Cover page Jennifer Aniston is clad in  what described the styling as “Laid-Back Sexy” she is wearing black blazer by Ann Demeulemeester; briefs by Gucci; ring by Vhernier. The backpage advert is our very own Miss Charlize Theron wearing nothing but her most suggestive look, Black Dior Blazer and a Christian Dior VIII Timepiece her cash cow she is busy milking after Raymond Weil.

Take out the details I have just compiled to describe the images and one would simply describe the images like this “Two Half Naked Blonde Aunties Wearing Black Blazers”

Motion of the ocean? Details, Details, Details! This was just a self amusing post I instinctively decided to do.

P.S I love me some Marie Claire, it always has beefy informative content and more

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