Saturday 25 October 2014

Grooming Review: Truefitt and Hill Grooming Products Now Exclusively Available at Victorian Bathroom Outlets

For over two centuries Truefitt and Hill has offered discerning gentlemen the finest in grooming products and services, and is now exclusively available at Victorian Bathrooms, the worlds specialist suppliers of luxury bathroom products in the classic Victorian style.

I have been trying out the Truefitt and Hill product range for over a month now. I enjoyed the shower gel so much that is finished. The shower gel scent it not overpowering. It does not leave bathroom smelling like one has been paddling through fragrance valley. The problem with shower gel that has an overpowering scent is that;  the scent + steam = a perfect recipe for dizziness, nausea and a migraine. The shower gel is quite fresh and subtle, which is great because should you decide to use a different fragrance afterwards you won’t experience the clash of the scents.

The Truefitt and Hill cologne is very masculine and classical, it is not bad and it not amazing. When I saw the package it gave me fragile old man vibes and was reluctant to try it out, but nonetheless I bit the bullet and did best. The cologne has a perfect balance, I rate it can be worn at any age, season and time of day. I have only ever worn it solo and have not layered it with anything else. Because I do not believe there is any fragrance in my collection that would complement it – maybe I should experiment before writing it off.

It is a great fragrance to have in your collection so you can wear it when you want something more aged, woody, spicy, animalistic and leathery that gives off alpha male vibes. When you go to that black tie event or private dining date.

Truefitt & Hill's Gentlemen's Toiletries, including the world's finest Shaving Cream, After Shaves, Colognes, Hair Preparations, Shampoo, Soaps and Bath/Shower Gels, and all are carefully blended with natural fragrance

Truefitt and Hill is available at the following Victorian Bathrooms stores:
Cape Quarter 021 418 0855
Somerset West 021 852 3439

Hyde Park Corner 011 325 5503

Happy Shopping!

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