Wednesday, 8 October 2014

CALLING IT: CROCS Are Having A Major Fashion Moment x Jerri Mokgofe

This is not a post initiating a public fashion discussion on whether people should wear or shouldn’t wear CROCS. Nor am I seeking your approval. Why, the argument is based on a brainwashed, blanket view that you possibly casually picked up and ran with, without interrogation because X said so. Therefore you have already lost before you even engaged on the dialogue, as you have nothing revolutionary refreshing to add on to the subject matter. Remember CROCS is a brand name not a style of footwear. Educate yourself. Your exit music is playing, exit to the left. Bye Felicia.

I am having a serious CROCS moment this season. Yeah, fanny packs, mesh tops and CROCS. That’s my shit yoh! I picked up this boat shoes situation at CROCS Killarney. Walked out the store with 5 pairs of footwear, blame their mega sale, I just sommer did best. This is how I wore them out and about town.


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