Tuesday 16 September 2014

Sorbet Man - Stylish Male Grooming Bar Launches in Sandton City, Johannesburg

No news there, it finally happened. Not that men were starved and not already going for man-pedi, man-meni, man-waxing, man-threading and whatever else there might be on the menu out there. Yes, of course, turn the noun ‘man’ in to a prefix- and slap it in front of anything and you well on your way to making a buzzword and making ‘a thing’ out of nothing. And if it catches-on, the cashing-in shall happen. Gawd forbid you call a manicure a manicure because that will totes emasculate the male species.

Sobert Man launched its new store last week Friday in Sandton City. Now we shall eagerly wait for male makeup to catch on this side of the equator and go mainstream. Go check them out and book a haircut, grooming treatment or whatever your grooming needs might be. Remember if you not happy you do not have to pay for whatever you are not satisfied with. The policy boldly states – just don’t be a cheap dirty dick and abuse the gracious policy. I hope people not paying for whatever they might  not be satisfied with, does not affect the stylist’s or masseurs’ pay check at the end of the month.

The space is intimate (read small), lots of almost natural lighting and on the opening night there was zero air conditioning, got too toasty up-in-there. Death by schlong speeches, the general consensus is keep it cute and put it all on a media release. Keep it minimal on the decor budget and up the bar budget. Save people the thousands samples and just do one or two full good product(s) on the gift pack. I am rambling about random shit now, I guess I am in the mood for writing. I normally do not write and let the images do the talking. But for this post I decided to pen something down. Because  most often people politely ask me to write short little copy with my posts, as they interested in reading my views on shit. 

The BOSCHENDAL Merlot was the star of the night – slurp! DHL 2x cases this side please.

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