Monday, 11 August 2014

Oppikoppi 2014: Ray-Ban South Africa Serving The Order of Never Hide at Oppi

Ray Ban South Africa took their 2014 campaign called “The Order of Never Hide” to Oppikoppi. They had a rad stand were they brought three crazy challenges to life at the music festival.

Tough as Leather – involved getting a tattoo for free - well on Ray-Ban by Ninja Breadboy. Here is the trick; the tattoo was done old school vibes, just a needle and ink. Think: the way they do those gang tattoos in prison minus the tacky part. The final tat that I saw on Nicholas Christowitz’s inner bicep actually looked mad descent. DJ Das Kapital got a firelighter.

I later had a chat with the brand manager of Ray-Ban South Africa, Thera Van’t Hof, who explained to me, how the whole process worked. After questioning the tattoo setting midst all the alcohol and drugs.

Amongst other points on the eligibility checklist; you had to be of a sober state to be considered for the tattoo. Also first timers were given preference over people who already had excess ink all over their body, because for first timers the experience will be much more memorable. Also only six people (max) in a day where tatt’d because of course these things take time.

Thera offered to get me on the list, so I get tatt’d but I gracefully declined the offer.

Resistant as Aluminium – This was the staring contest and the winner got a shot of tequila.

Cuts like Steel – You could get your huuur did for free too!

Op die kopi, by the original Oppikoppi, that is where the Ray-Ban stage was and as you entered the lappa walking towards the stage. Positioned to the right was a RUGGED AS DENIM CONFESSION wall banner. A promo girl or boy would give you a postcard and a pen to write your address (of choice) on the back of the post card. And a white permanent maker to write your confession on the opposite side. Afterwards you pin it on to the confession wall. I heard all the postcards are then going to be collated and posted to the address noted on the back of the post card.

Those were some of the confessions I came across on day 1, now try and imagine the words on the confession wall by day 2 & day 3. Do not be too surprised; you were not expecting any less were you? It is somebody else’s confession therefore let them do best. So when someone boldly confesses; “BITCHES LOVE A DIRTY DICK” you can only assume that the confessor was a BITCH that LOVE A DIRTY DICK or someone in possession of A DIRTY DICK that BITCHES LOVE. Each to their own, it is OPPI after all.

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