Thursday 7 August 2014

Day 1: Oppikoppi Odyssey in TopMan South Africa

On day one I went monochromatic black route, with an accent of white in the form of a wild canine blown out print tee.

I love this tee, which I got from TopMan South Africa. It is mesh at the front, which is perfect for the crazy heat in Limpopo. The bowler hat looked cool until I hugged someone who accidentally bumped it on the dusty floor. That was game over for the hat. I considered throwing it away there and there, cleaning it with a wet wipe when I got back to the camp side or sending it to the dry cleaners upon my return to Joburg. I still haven’t came up to a decision, but dropping it off at the dry cleaners sounds like a good plan provided they can clean felt wool.

Despite my Hunter Boots being one size small, I just forced matters because they completed the look beautifully. I drove in them, set up a tent in them and walked around the festival BUT when it was time to hit the dance floor my toes and feet couldn’t take it anymore, they were fucking chanting in tongues. I think that is my last encounter with those boots. Sigh, yeah my feet decided to grow within a space of a year, depressing too many shoes that do not fit me anymore.

… But of course what perfect sunnies to wear but my black coloured classic Ray-Ban aviator frames?

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