Thursday, 17 July 2014

Media Release: AUGUSTINE GOLD Capsule Collection 2014

AUGUSTINE and Gold Street collaborated on a trans-seasonal capsule collection. The collaboration gives rise to a tailored street lux collection with detailing such as quilting and fabric combinations.

The collection ranges from everyday to statement pieces for both men and women. Styles include hooded blazers, tailored biker pants, sheer bombers, leggings and the must have AUGUSTINE leather biker jacket.

 Detail is not overlooked on even the everyday pieces with the tailored street wear influence running throughout.

Orders can be placed directly from AUGUSTINE in Parkhurst or Gold Street Online

P.S Just incase you wondering what this is about, let me put shit in to perspective for you. Remember the “Masego Maps Maponyane Collection” last year? Well Augustine is the same brand, they are in bed with Yianni Crease’s company called GoldStreet and came up with this collection. Just in case you might be wondering, who the hell is Yianni Crease? Yianni is Vicky Creases’s son. Don’t know who Vicky Crease is? O’ lawd I give up!

Happy Shopping!

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