Thursday 10 July 2014

Day 3: Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2014 Street Style x The Bags

The peeps here at the festival might be a little bit too hispterville, I am talking walking bare feet whilst the thermometer mercury is clocking 3 degrees. Caucasian dreadlocked hair and hemp thread clothing in psychedelic gypsy-esque pattern and colour combo.

One thing I have noticed amongst the festival-goers is that the leather bag game is running 26-too-deep. Beautiful carved leather pieces in various designs and styles. From fanny packs, satchels, backpack to what-the-hell-is-that situations. Yes, of course there is an occasional faux leather number that sips through the cracks – that is a given – that still looks good, see if you can spot one here.

I brought my leather TRENERY aged soft leather satchel I have heard for jonks now. Seems I got the memo because hues of brown seems to be order of the 11 days of amazing!

These are some of my faves I managed to snap and had to stop myself because it does look kinda dodge crawling around hip level trying to sneak in a quick-fast snap of someone’s bag in motion. Yes, you can come across quite suspect. – fuck suspect , I got 5 kids and bronchitis so aint nobody got time for that!

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