Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Review: Cartier Déclaration L'Eau De Toilette Spray

The Jerri View
I am busy enjoying the new Cartier fragrance Déclaration L’Eau Eau de toilette spray.  The base tone on my skin smells quite potently masculine and the top notes are super fresh and light. A new age Malboro man dipped in the purest of water, is the image your mind should be conjuring right now. The spray nozzle opening-lock mechanic, is quite something to gawk over. If you have a chance, please go in to a Cartier store and check out the bottle, you will be impressed and just might snatch one to go.

Here is an analogy to explain the combination:

Think of it being in a gym changing room after a challenging work out, step in the sauna (musky, woody, dry, body scents) to sweat it all out. Then you take a shower and step outside the gym; then you get hit by a breeze of fresh air that you deeply inhale with your eyes closed - you open your eyes then you smile. Yes that feeling...

Normally I prefer layering my scents but with this fragrance I wear it exclusively as it did not work with any of the fragrance I have already. If you not in to heavy scents for winter this one is for you, although I have a feeling I will enjoy the fragrance even more during summer. Think short-shorts, deep cut racer-back vest, mirror lense sunnies and a splash of Déclaration L’Eau. Yummy!!!

... am I becoming a Cartier snob?

The bottle
As ever, the upright bottle displays perfect elegance, its radiant blue tone highlighting the architectural intensity of this refined glass sculpture. A crystal-clear bottle of flashing facets that traces the form of a stylised heart, the reflection of a sillage that leaps with joy.

The Price
They differ in eau de toilette or eau de parfum.
50ml R889.889 edp | 100ML R1254.00 edp | 30ml R713.00 edp
100ml R1083.00 edt | 50ML R741.00 edt

Happy Shopping Lovers!

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