Monday 17 March 2014

Morphé Aw Collection Inspiration 2014 x Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg 2014

Holiday season's blues and bright oranges stuck with me and the balance in nature between opposites that attract. This interaction of constant seeking humans have to find balance between the elements that surround them, made me explore the tactile elements of combining opposite textures such as mesh vs twills and opposing colours on the colour wheel, such as orange and blue to see how they interact. I felt a strong need to be apart of the layered final look by hand printing on some of the fabrics for an authentic feel. Fusing the east with the west is always an underlying influence in my collections. Old things inspire new ideas.

Tulip sleeves, wrap arounds, culottes, bell shaped sleeves and hems

soft: mesh, voile, faux fur; hard: melton, twill

Colour scheme:
Blue, orange, teal, white, black little bit of grey

The show is scheduled for:
Date: 21 March, 2014 
Time: 18h00
Venue: Sandton Convention Centre

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