Wednesday 22 January 2014

Model With Grace


I love this gurl. She was one of the first few people models (because models are not people) to photograph when I started covering Fashion Week backstage and she has always been very kind to me. Kind enough to have a conversation when she sees me that kind of kind, and I do not mind because she is graceful and fabulous!

I bumped in to her at SA Fashion Week and she told me that she has quit this whole modelling business and she is focusing on getting her education on. I say good for you lover, a stunning bone structure and balanced aesthetics cannot simply be your only hustle. If only there were kids like you who knew when to pull out their sexy white le modella undies stick them on a bottle of bubbles and pop the cork to the cheerful scream of: ‘Fuck this shit, I am outta here!

In that way you not surrendering to the industry but existing -  by choice – gracefully. With a sound of popping champagne bottles and splashes of French bubbles all over your bahday!

I am frustrated that I forgot her name; I know she is from Pretoria and he name starts with a ‘K’. No?


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