Sunday 19 January 2014

Media Release : Have You Heard Of The Common Room?

The Common Room is a communal workspace where freelancers, entrepreneurs, coders and anyone who would prefer not to work at home can come and make use of the co-working space where high speed wifi and coffee is offered. It is tailored towards creative types, like yourself as well as having facilities available for group work.

The Common Room offers specials, such as Free Friday, where anyone can come in and use the work space for free, and every Thursday for R60 individuals can work from 8AM - 11AM and are offered several breakfast options in addition to the wifi and coffee.
Courses are also held here and The Common Room helps the course hosts with their course advertising so that they can target their specific market - for instance from the 27 - 31 January a social networking course will be held and clients have the option of coming every day from 8 - 12 or from 1 - 5.

On the 31st of Jan they are hosting a Fashion Evening where they have invited local designers to showcase their work. Individuals who would like to come and look at or buy the pieces pay an entrance fee of R50 and are offered free wine, snacks and a Goodie Bag into which each designer has contributed something. 

Another event coming up is  'Sunday Sessions' scheduled for the second of February where people can come in the afternoon and after paying their R70 are offered a variety of different local craft beers for no charge, and have the option of purchasing food and crafts/jewelry from the vendors.

For more info contact: Tabby Lorentz on

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