Thursday 19 December 2013

Yvan Rodic in Johannesburg, South Africa

You might have heard that Yvan Rodic of  and was in town a few weeks ago at the expense of Marie Claire and SA Fashion Week. He was also in town to help with the sales of his second street style book titled “A year in the life of FaceHunter” which I bought a copy and got a cutesy doodle on it compliments of the man himself. I am still yet to page through it almost two months later.

My social and work life is consuming all of my leisure time although I have the major benefit of my social and work being my leisure life. I will pack it in my language when going on holiday although I know that holidays are for dancing, drinking and crawling in to bed at the wee hours of the morning, only to wake up in the afternoon just in time for the 2 for the price of one sundowners and doing it all over again. Definitely no time for paging through books, plus that is already 1kg weight contribution to my language, books and magazines are heavy - scrap that silly idea.

If you happened to bump in to Yvan, you would know what a great guy he is. Eager, very chilled and very talkative!

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