Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sky Diving at AXE South Africa Space Camp

If you have never sky dived before, this is how it goes: ... I will skip the important stuff they tell you before going on the plane. I will start from when you already up in the air thousands feet above. Jumping out of the plane is not that scary because you sitting there waiting until you  reach a certain level of altitude then next thing you know you sliding to the edge of the plane.  Your legs tucked underneath the plane. Head pulled back to one side of the shoulder and eyes wide shut. 

Then your instructor shouts; JUMP! and just like that you let go and his body weight also pushes you out the plane if you thinking of bailing out – no turning back at this point. Then you fall... it is weird, as I am feeling shit scared now, writing about the experience. 
In any case. 

You not consciously aware of the fall, your mind kind off shuts down, well mine did. After about a minute or two of free-falling your instructor taps you on the shoulder. That is when you start to spread your ‘wings’ and drop. You then really start to feel the extremely FRESH and cool breeze hit your face like icy cold water. 

The parachute gets deployed and the force tugs you up a bit. It then hits you and you become conscious of the extreme position you in, and you like O’ SHIT I AM UP IN THE MOTHER FUCKING AIR. One of my scariest moments; was when the instructor asked me to lift my legs, one at a time because he had to adjust the harness between us so the straps are not too tight but comfortable.


Taking all in to account, there is nothing like the view from above, everything looks so peaceful and minute. You get lost in thoughts looking down. The trick is to get lost in the beauty that you see below. Use that as a distraction not to think about the fact that you up in the air dangling on some kind of non-cellulosic manufactured fibre and harness straps.

The landing part is quite easy as well, one minute you up in the air absorbing all that beauty next thing you hear your instructor scream START RUNNING – a quick 3 steps run and you all on your feet and it is all over.

I had a brilliant instructor and he allowed me to have fun and just really go crazy up in the air and breath it all in.

If that is the sensational feeling one gets just from sky diving. I cannot even begin to comprehend how it feels like to be in space – with zero gravity and all.

Sky diving is definitely easier than putting a look together that will get guarantee that you street style photographed or shopping on a budget. You probably would not have believed me if I told you I had it in me to jump out of a plane.  Looks like I have the AXE effect!  

This was all complements of AXE South Africa which you can read more about HERE

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