Sunday, 6 October 2013

Nelisiwe Xaba, Lebo Mashile, Ella Buter Collaboration x SA Fashion Week AW 2014

The colour wheel turned whilst Lebo Mashile through her powerful voice and words took us through some of the myriad connotations, denotations, meanings and representation the colours have and have come to take on socially, culturally, hypothetically e.t.c

Nelisiwe Xaba as the performing artist / model and with Super Ella pieces by Ella Buter. A mesh up of three artists but above that, it was all about powerful women of different art genres delivering absolute great work on a ramp. Nothing more valuable than the aggregated power of collaboration. 

Three primary colours (blue, yellow and red) and Black and White - these two you can debate if your class them as colours or not. 


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