Monday, 21 October 2013

GQ Magazine South Africa Best Dressed Men 2013 #GQBDMEN

 Khuli Chana brought a mesh of Duck Face meets Fish Face on the verge of achieving Zoolander’s hard to nail multimillionaire blue-chip-contract snatcher Blue Steel pose to the shoot. GOOO IN GUUURL, ‘tis your moment to BEREKA. DO BEST  

I religiously picked up a copy of GQ Magazine November issue 2013 this morning covered by Justin Timberlake or is he now JT. What a better cover choice with Mister Suit & Ties himself enveloping a list of 50 most stylish South African men who got the nod from GQ as SA Best Dressed Men.

Just in case you were wondering how this list compilation works, winners were selected by the GQ Editors with recommendations from; Bronwyn Day, Jenny Andrews, Colin O’Mara Davis, Pearl Thusi and all the 2012 Best Dressed Top Ten Winners. That is how the system work lover!

Lanced By:
Photographer’s Emilys: Ian Engelbrecht & Harry Dale-Thomas
Junior Fashion Editor: Jenna Bruwer
Words: Piet Smedy
Face Beaters: Sylvie Hurford & Kelly-Jean Gilbert