Monday 5 August 2013

Oprah Winfrey Extravagant Afro x The Oprah Magazine - September Issue 2013

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Aaaahhhh SEPTEMBER the month the magazine teams get to really show off what they have been working on, all year long. The September issue gives you carte blanche to go BALLS TO THE WALL and take risks with your cover and spreads. Shock value is expected, there is no holding back. September is CHRISTMAS for magazine houses (industry); content, new collections, campaigns and advertisers GALORE!

... and what do we have here? Miss Winfrey turning it up! Let us say it together: AHFUCKINGSMAZING! Like I always say; The Bigger The ‘Fro, The Closer to God. I am sold and I am buying. Move over Diana Ross, Chaka Khan... RuPau...Who? Oprah is here!

This cover gives me life!

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