Monday 12 August 2013

Lerato Kganyago for Rene Mariane | Jerri Mokgofe Styling Projects

Client: The Link TV Show for Lerato Kganyago
Wardrobe Stylist: Jerri Mokgofe
Hair: David David Antwi Mensah
Make Up: Ellenor Ndlovu
Photography: The Link TV Show
Wardrobe: Rene Mariane

Sometimes a gurl has got to turn up the heads, ruffle the tongues with some ruffle details. Less is more and more is more. Sometimes it is not fashion but style. Style is an ID and no one should conform to the others, nor agree with it. It is an ever evolving process that gets more comfortable with time to the wearer. If your look does not create talkability then it is just that...  A LOOK! Bring out the drama once in a while a little shock value never hurt no body!

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  1. The girl is beautiful I just think she is wearing lots of make up.