Tuesday 16 July 2013

Keeping Up With The Maponyanes | Map's Family

If you find yourself day dreaming once too often about sitting at celebratory dinner in your honour as the Maponyane in-law surrounded by Map’s family one day.  It might never happen, but that should not wet blanket your dreams. I am a LEO I know all about dreaming and none stop far-fetched dreaming at it. 

This is Masego’s family, be acquainted. 

When I asked to take a picture of Map’s dad (Yes, that is Marks Maponyane) he (the dad) thought, I thought he was Masego and I was like eeerrrmmmm NO! He’s got jokes! Speaking of jokes, Maps called Kat on to the podium to share some brotherly love and appreciation. Kat thought that was ‘gay’ and Map’s thought the statement / ‘joke’ was tasteless... I did say it is KEEPING UP WITH THE MAPONYANEs after all

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