Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Jerri Mokgofe x Nick Christowitz | Conversations in Modernism by Ben Sherman / Part 5

As a Brand Evangelist for Ben Sherman South Africa, a few months ago we got together to film part 4 and part 5 of the ‘Conversation in Modernism’ to pick up from conversations the gentleman in the UK had. See part 1 and part 2.  The brief was to pair four of the guys with the one they were not familiar with and have a good ol’ conversation. I was paired with Nick Christowitz. The point of these conversations was to investigate the meaning of modernism as it relates to Africans in the top of their respective fields.

There was no script; the set-up was a conversation between gentlemen.  These conversations investigated the questions:

1. What it means to be creative in a modern world,
2. How craftsmanship can survive the digital revolution,
3. Is it possible to push things forward whilst still paying respect to the past.

These questions were meant to be answered from the standpoint of the participants as creatives and arbiters in their lanes. From the three we tackled on the final edit me as you see; we are having a conversation about: How craftsmanship can survive the digital revolution.

Videographer:  Lebo Raethaba of UNLIMITED FILMS
Director: Suede
Production Manager: Zanna Katoka


Nicholas Christowitz is a Designer and Illustrator living and working in Johannesburg. He finds inspiration in the bustling city that he loves to call home. It’s in the heart of this very city that he and four partners created FATHER. The Coffee shop/Roastery brand is located on the corner and Juta and De Beer Streets, in Braamfontein. Their main business is selling bulk beans, and the shop is the concept space to expose people to the brand.

Instagram : nicholaschristowitz
Twitter : @nchistowitz