Saturday, 13 July 2013

Anele Mdoda Covers REAL Magazine South Africa x August Issue 2013

Another A+Amazing cover from REAL Magazine South Africa, they making this a habit now. What I love most about the cover is that; it is highly stylized and thought through without the drama, it has a concept and it was well executed. The modern age 1920’s inspiration: the beehive, the beauty spot, the Marilyn Monroe rouge lips. All rolled up and sealed with Anele's lip-smacking-radiant-smile to take it home. 

It takes a lot to impress me, I am impressed and I shall vote with my purse. This I am buying, I am dying to see the feature spread inside the rag. 

P.S Obviously I kinda zoomed in to see if the lace front wig situation wasn’t spilling out the glue. One has to check out these things ya’ know – so don’t bother shit be proper!