Tuesday 25 June 2013

Bonang Matheba x According To Jerri

We still are celebrating an African first with an African beauty in Africa. OK, wait I am going to stop before I botch it up whilst trying to play with words and embrace my deep seated Mya Angelou alter ego.  

On two occasions whilst attending the REVLON SA events there have been two things that I really enjoyed. One being their brand manifesto and second one being a poem / speech one of the REVLON SA marketing personnel shared with us. I have asked them to mail me these so I can share with the world. Once I receive them they are all yours to enjoy. Stay tuned...

For now Bonang Matheba - Ngwanyana wa Motswana – congrats we celebrate (with) you. Your success and achievements are a case study respectively. To the entire young women out there who look up to Miss Thang figuratively and literally (on billboards) she said earlier that “IT COULD BE YOU”. She is glad that she managed to open the doors for her daughters, and her daughters’ daughters and her daughters’ daughters’ daughter. Dare I forget that she is self proclaimed Queen of Everything and it is proving to be difficult to challenge her on that bold title she carved for herself with each milestone she achieves.

She has a drive, eager to learn, soak it all up and a thirst for FIRSTs. She must get an exhilarating rush every time she gets described as; Bonang Matheba THE FIRST South African Black Female personality to achieve this and this...

The humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow, believes that our actions are motivated in order achieve certain needs. If that is the case she must be at a stage where she is motivated to achieve her self-actualization needs. Some people say the Maslow’s Hierarchy is old as dust, outdated and doesn’t take in to account that, things have changed. There is a sense of truth in that but what do we reference then?

A few things that have come across consistently in her media interviews – which I have to say, she is well trained at that too –are: work harder, have directed ambition and a goal to work towards and do not be scared to say no to other opportunities that come knocking on your door. Know what you want, work hard for it and by the time it comes you will be ready for it.

Here a few important life lessons from Ru Paul Drag Race that applies to you now because if you want to be a star, like the queens, then you better get to werk:

1. The world is your catwalk, so just remember this when you’re out there... DON’T FUCK IT UP. Seriously, don’t fuck it up
2. Haters gonna hate, but here are the only words you need for them: SASHAY AWAY
3,When someone wrongs you, walk away from them and don’t ever look back: consider them dead!
4. Excuses are for losers, and winning is for winners, like you!
5. The greatest truths in life are the ones your fellow queens are willing to tell you.
6. But the one rule you should never, ever forget is YOU BETTA WORK!

Your Time Has Come and You Are Ready!


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