Thursday, 23 May 2013

Media Release | Vogue Eyewear Is Willing, Keen & Able To Bank-Roll You To Rio de Janeiro #StyleMiles

Ever planned an elaborate all inclusive trip for your and three of your best friends to go somewhere AHMAZING to party it up, instagram all over it, tweet up a storm about it, geo tag your every corner, blog posts galore, shopping, eating, boys, men, girls, women, dance floor, drinking, beaches I am talking EVERYTHING! Then you ask yourself who is paying for this?

Well... VOGUE EYEWEAR is willing, eager and able to bank-roll you and three of your besties from here to Rio, Brazil for a week and back. I know right, TOTES RIDIC!

Earn the most @VogueEyewear #StyleMiles and win a trip for you and 3 buddies to party it up on the beaches of Rio, Brazil for a week. ALL expenses paid. Personal butler, chef, chauffeur, photographer, etc. Not too shabby? Register here

P.S I want to win this soooo bad so consider me a very stiff competition!