Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Trevor Stuurman | South African IT Bloggers x According To Jerri

The exciting zesty flavour in the South African fashion and style scene the flavour  that is more potent, more nasal passage cutting and influential in Cape Town. He is rail size frail skinny, cutesy and might be still finding ground in the cut throat scene. Hard work and street cred paid off maybe earlier than expected for him or not. Everyone wanted his current job; even if it meant discrediting and playing dirty ugly to achieve their dream job of being a £5,730 Chanel lego box clutch bag corridor throw away from Jackie Burger’s office. In the end he prevailed (only he really knows how) and the water works burst out – the same water-works some of us only limit to urine and sweat - at the celebration of his gig appointment. Is it not that fabulous some diva get thrown a whole soiree and celebrated for a new job, isn’t that just LUXE! TrevorStuurman guurls and Chirl let us find out what Miss Thang is about…

2. How would you describe yourself in one word?

3. What is it that you do and why?
I contribute to ELLE magazine both online and in print because I won the ELLE Style Reporter Search in Association with Blackberry.

4. You are a biggest inspiration to someone reading this; may you please share with them a few words of wisdom they will forever cherish, and ignite their will power to keep on keeping on:
The only difference between yourself and a millionaire is time.

5. Has there been a defining moment in your life that made you decide to take the direction in life that they did?
Most definitely, winning Style Reporter has opened countless doors and has also opened my eyes to a new world of fashion.

6. Your STRICTLY two favourite South African bloggers?
Allen Coleman – www.freshwallstreet.com
Mahlatse James – www.mjandstuff.blogspot.com

7. Give me names of the three unsung heroes of South Africa’s fashion, style and trends playground – fresh faces, underdogs and preferably people I don’t know.

8. Which country or city in the world do you think would allow you to be truly YOU?
New York

9. If you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say?
Trevor Stuurman takes over NYC.

10. What are your views on people who do not like to pay for others knowledge and skills on an area of their specialty?
It is disrespectful, full stop.

11. When do you stop doing things for free and start talking money?
I am a firm believer in the notion of `never doing what you love for free.

12. South African bloggers; what is it that they doing completely wrong?
Everyone is seeking to be different which ends up making us all the same. What ever happened to authenticity?   

13. Do you buy clothing items based on the fact that you saw a designer wearing a loaned designer outfit? Does it matter, does it make a difference?
No, I buy clothing items that speak to me.

14. The most unglamorous thing about fashion is?
The constant battle of meeting all tight deadlines.